Education for Immigrants

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As one of the poorest countries in Africa, Togo reserves education as a privilege. At LiftTogo (former Association of Togolese Students in America), we firmly believe it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters in Togo and across the U.S. realize a better future through education – often a difficult path to traverse. The education system in the U.S. is fraught with obstacles that new immigrants tend to find incredibly daunting. Sadly, many have given up on their dreams of an education because they could not afford it. LiftTogo provides advisement on education for immigrants from Togo and other parts of Africa. We offer resources for students to help them find minority scholarships and scholarships for immigrants. As current students and professionals from Togo who have been educated in the U.S. and realized our dreams here, we wish to extend our knowledge to our fellow people living in the United States. Through our tailored one-on-one mentorship programs, forums, information sessions and other programs, many have already found and already reaping the fruits of their success. You may visit our graduates page for more info. To support this cause, click donate now up or  click here to get involved.