Empowering Polougou through Education

Raised: $60.00 $20,000.00
Polougou is situated at approximately 30 km from Dapaong, the capital city of the Savanes region in the northern Togo. There is no health center, no market, and most importantly no clean water. The only way to access Polougou is by motorcycle ride of 45 mins. Because the population of Pologou is deprived of clean drinking water, it suffers from high malnutrition. Every morning, women and children need to travel about 21 miles away carrying buckets to fetch water to drink, cook, and shower. Not only they have to walk that far, but they also have to climb mountains with full water buckets on their heads. As result, children are usually late or absent to school. The village of Pologou is situated in a mountainous region with infertile soil and paradoxically more than 90% of the families are farmers. The farming conditions are arduous and the food production in the region is insufficient compared to the need. For the community-run elementary school created in 2007 that LiftTogo has been helping since 2009, children can only afford one meal a day, or often come to school with an empty stomach. Due to this, the school is faced with a high dropout rate and rural exodus is in high practice. For more information on how LiftTogo is empowering Polougou click here. You may support this cause by clicking donate now on this page.