Water for Life

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When we think about childhood, we think about a time of innocence. The time for lot of playing with other children. The time of lot of laughter. However, many children in many villages in Togo are far from this reality. They spend most of their days in search of water from polluted rivers that are miles away. Not only this water is not safe for them, but also the burden associated with its fetching is certainly not a task for a child. Indeed, at LiftTogo, part of our mission is to raise awareness about the poor state of educational opportunities and infrastructures in Africa, especially in Togo, and to provide assistance to the underserved children there. However, often times, when in the field, we find ourselves confronted with the reality that the number one need of some population is actually water before education. Please help us bring clean water to these children so they will be able to live a normal childhood. There is no life without Water!