The mission of LiftTogo (former ATSA) is twofold:

First, to raise awareness about the poor educational opportunities and infrastructures, and to provide assistance to the underserved children living in Togo and other parts of Africa; Second, to provide college education advisement and resources for Togolese and other immigrants in the United States.

We know that education for immigrants from Togo and other African countries is sometimes difficult due to cost and an inability to understand the many ways in which financial aid for education may be obtained. LiftTogo’s advisors are students and professionals from Togo who have realized success through the American education system. Our advisors have a deep and firsthand understanding of how to apply for immigrant scholarships, minority scholarships and provide resources for students to help them navigate the American educational system.

LiftTogo is also raising awareness of the poor state of educational opportunities and infrastructure in Africa, especially in Togo. In fact, nearly 30% of Togolese children receive no formal education. LiftTogo’s ultimate goal is to help make a difference in children’s lives and shape a better future for the country in the long run through a gradual reduction of unemployment and a sustained increase of wages. We accept donations of any kinds, from money to computers, to books and other school supplies sorely needed by school children in Africa.